Fourth Turning
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Keeping Up Morale in the Fourth Turning

During this part of the cycle, many of us have experienced some fairly extreme isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of how serious you believe the disease is, the

By Samantha Biggers on Tuesday July 13th, 2021
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The Fourth Turning

I care a lot about the future.  I wish it to be as abundant, hospitable, & prosperous for as many people as possible. Of course, how it actually turns out

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday February 10th, 2021
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Neil Howe: Expect Creative Destruction In This Fourth Turning

Fourth turnings are characterized by a growing demand for social order, yet supply of it remains weak. The emergence of the surveillance state, a perpetual war machine, increased intervention in

By Adam Taggart on Monday May 25th, 2020
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Surf’s Up!

Nothing seems right anymore. In whichever direction we choose to look, things are unraveling at a quickening pace. Welcome to the Fourth Turning; and with it, a profound loss of

By Chris Martenson on Saturday January 11th, 2020
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Charles Hugh Smith: Will You Be Richer or Poorer?

Prolific and exceptionally perceptive author Charles Hugh Smith returns to discuss the insights in his just-launched book Will You Be Richer Or Poorer? Profit, Power & AI in a Traumatized

By Adam Taggart on Monday October 14th, 2019
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