Get Ready: Here’s What’s Coming
by Chris Martenson

Executive Summary

  • The incredible correlation between Economy & Energy
  • Why limits matter (and will matter more in the coming years)
  • The coming, unsolvable collision of our Economic, Energy & Environmental systems
  • The looming deadline: Why you need to take action before June 2021

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After a dozen years of research and inquiry, I’ve come to a major set of conclusions: There’s a massive economic crisis coming.  And an energy crisis.  They are conjoined and each will juice the destructive effects of the other.  Oh, and there’s also an ecological crisis, which is similarly intertwined with the other two.

After watching the utter inability of our national “leaders” to properly manage the basics in their response to the pandemic,  I simply don’t think we’ve got the ability to sort through the complexities and subtleties of navigating three gigantic, inter-related crises.

Which means it’s up to us — to become resilient and prepared at the individual level.

First, and most important, each of us needs to start by…



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