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This is the worst currency crisis and inflationary environment of most people’s lifetimes, but this time in multiple areas at the same time. We could be facing a Peso crisis

By Chris Martenson on Thursday July 14th, 2022
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No Energy, No Economy

One does not simply take a massively complex system like oil refining and jerk it about with sanctions and supply cuts without creating massive whiplash effects. But this is what

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday July 5th, 2022
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“I Have A Bad Feeling” on Informed Consent

Tonight, Chris and Evie dissected the latest energy, economic and health news and why the road downhill looks more perilous each day. The U.S., EU and Russia are signaling more hostile

By Peak Team on Thursday June 30th, 2022
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The Planned Crisis Continues To Unfold

Today, we’re going back over The Great Reset. I initially produced this video back in November of 2020 and it’s worth revisiting today. Why? Because it’s hard to get our

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday June 28th, 2022
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Inside Take: Macron Schools Biden on Current Saudi, UAE Oil Production Limits

Chris takes a dive into the unlikely news that it took a French prime minister to educate an American president on the state of oil production capabilities (or lack of)

By Peak Team on Tuesday June 28th, 2022
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