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Vaccine Story Just Doesn’t Add Up

Our community is more important than ever.  When nothing makes sense, and “leaders” are peddling fear and lies, you know the time of *really* needing each other is drawing close.

By Whitney on Wednesday August 25th, 2021
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Vaccine Mandates Are Here

Video Description The much anticipated FDA “approval” on August 23rd of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine made global headlines, spurring a new round of employer mandated vaccination policy announcements. But what

By Whitney on Wednesday August 25th, 2021
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The Fuzzy Numbers Behind Initial Job Claims

“Fuzzy Numbers” is one of the most popular video chapters within The Crash Course. It explains many of the ways that government statisticians routinely distort economic truth, making things seem

By Chris Martenson on Thursday September 29th, 2016
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Automating Ourselves To Unemployment

In this current era of central planning, malincentives abound. We raced to frack as fast we could for the quick money, while leaving behind a wake of environmental destruction and creating a supply glut

By Adam Taggart on Thursday April 28th, 2016
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The Trouble with Numbers

According to the ever-strident popular press, the world is in recovery. The stock market says so, the bond market says so, and the politicians and monetary bureaucrats all say so.

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday June 10th, 2014
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