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Economy, Energy 190Public Content

In Denial: We Pursue Endless Growth At Our Peril

As we’ve been discussing of late here at, humans desperately need a new story to live by. The old one is increasingly dysfunctional and rather obviously headed for either

By Chris Martenson on Friday May 29th, 2015
Economy 72Public Content

Steve Keen: The Deliberate Blindness Of Our Central Planners

The models we use for decision making determine the outcomes we experience. So, if our models are faulty or flawed, we make bad decisions and suffer bad outcomes. Professor, author

By Adam Taggart on Sunday March 29th, 2015
Economy 35Public Content

Dan Amerman: Will Our Private Savings Be Sacrificed To Pay Down The Public Debt?

Recently, an article by Daniel Amerman caught our attention. Titled Is There A “Back Door” Method For The Government To Pay Down The Federal Debt Using Private Savings?, it details the process known

By Adam Taggart on Sunday October 19th, 2014
Economy 11Public Content

Michael Shuman: The Benefits of Deploying Investment Capital Locally Vs Wall Street

The Federal Reserve and other central planners have worked overtime to lead the world back to "recovery" from the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. Using one of their main

By Adam Taggart on Sunday March 23rd, 2014
Economy 27Public Content

Dan Ariely: Why Humans Are Hard-Wired To Create Asset Bubbles

Renown behavioral economist Dan Ariely explain why humans are biologically wired to make irrational decisions when money is involved. It's a case of our evolutionary wiring interfering with the decisions we face in a

By Adam Taggart on Saturday February 15th, 2014
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