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How To Lose Weight

Happy New Year’s Day! If you’re like most people around the world, you’re spending time today planning your resolutions for the coming year. And if you’re like most people, ‘losing

By Adam Taggart on Friday February 1st, 2019
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Stepping Way Out Of The Comfort Zone

Most people have nightmares about finding themselves onstage in front of an audience with no idea what they're doing. Perhaps an even worse fear is finding yourself naked (or nearly

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday May 2nd, 2017
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Robb Wolf: Wired To Eat

As human animals, our genetic programming pushes us to optimize caloric intake with the minimal amount of effort expended. The food industry knows this, and has for decades been developing

By Adam Taggart on Monday March 20th, 2017
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Why We’re So Unhealthy

I was fortunate to attend a permaculture conference, 'Better Soil, Better Food…A Better World' at Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, California this past weekend that Adam Taggart (co-founder of Peak Prosperity) was responsible for producing. Joel Salatin (author

By charleshughsmith on Friday April 29th, 2016
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John Arden: The Science Behind Emotional Resilience

No matter how large your bank account or how well-stocked your homestead, no one can be completely prepared for every potential eventuality. And nothing ever goes 100% according to plan.

By Adam Taggart on Monday January 12th, 2015
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