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Economy 14Public Content

Janet Tavakoli: Life And Death On Wall Street

Financial markets and derivatives authority Janet Tavakoli returns to the podcast to discuss a number of the themes contained in her new book Decisions: Life And Death On Wall Street.

By Adam Taggart on Sunday October 30th, 2016
Economy 11Public Content

Fortunes Will Be Made & Lost When Capital Flees To Safety

Little did I realize when creating the short video below how prescient it would quickly become in the wake of last night's Brexit vote… It's message is simple: there's a preponderance of

By Adam Taggart on Friday June 24th, 2016
Economy 2Public Content

In A World Of Artificial Liquidity – Cash Is King

It's more crucial now than ever for people to consider extracting a portion of cash from their bank accounts.

By Nomi Prins on Friday July 3rd, 2015
Economy 6Premium

What Awaits Us In The Future Of Higher Interest Rates

Executive Summary Expect a bond market bloodbath as rates rise Municipal, corporate and sovereign defaults will soon follow Liquidity suffers as necessary goods prices rise, but securities prices fall The

By Brian Pretti on Friday June 26th, 2015
Economy, Energy 54Public Content

Gail Tverberg: This Is The Beginning Of The End For Oil Production

With the recent collapse in the price of oil, Gail Tverberg, returns to discuss the likely impact on the US shale oil industry, as well as the global market for oil. 

By Adam Taggart on Saturday January 17th, 2015
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