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Preparing for Infrastructure Failures

While the Ukraine invasion, energy crisis and COVID-19 drive most of our news today, the neglected upkeep of the our infrastructure combined with the ongoing international threats to it should

By Samantha Biggers on Saturday March 26th, 2022
Society 14Public Content

You absolutely need privacy even if you are absolutely “clean”

Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on how much our government and corporations spied on us, and just how much data they have on each person, privacy has become

By iSecurityGuru on Monday March 14th, 2022
Preparedness, Society 71Public Content

Alain Ghiai: Actual Digital Privacy? Don’t Be Fooled.

It’s time to have another discussion about digital security; or should I say insecurity? Have you ever had the experience of searching for something on Google, or even where you

By Chris Martenson on Friday March 4th, 2022
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Relax. Take a Deep Breath. Prepare.

The Olympics are over, and so is the faux show of international harmony, at least for everyone but China and Russia. Their partnership is real. In case you missed it,

By Stewart on Friday February 25th, 2022
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Are You Cyber Resilient?

  Ukraine hit by cyberattack, Russia moves more troops after talks hit ‘dead end’ The developments came after no breakthrough was reached at meetings between Russia and Western states, which

By iSecurityGuru on Sunday January 16th, 2022
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