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This is the worst currency crisis and inflationary environment of most people’s lifetimes, but this time in multiple areas at the same time. We could be facing a Peso crisis

By Chris Martenson on Thursday July 14th, 2022
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Your “Adjustment Reaction” Will Be Your Fate

An “Adjustment Reaction” is the very normal, usual, and human set of responses to a threat or new risk.  We all have one and we all go through them.  It’s

By Peak Team on Thursday June 16th, 2022
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Both Gold And Copper Warn: “Crisis!”

Gold has spiked higher in the overnight markets, now above $1535.  Copper continues to weaken.  That combination says that gold is not sniffing out an inflationary burst from some future

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday August 13th, 2019

Food rationing hits….the US(!)

Thought that the food crisis was contained to distant lands? Looks like it is now closer to home than you might have suspected.   Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the

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Matthew Stein: When Disaster Strikes

To make sense of which steps are most important to take soonest when preparing for a major disaster, we've invited Matthew Stein back on the program. Mat is a design

By Adam Taggart on Sunday September 10th, 2017
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