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Mad As Hell

A critical movement is arising at this time in history. Each of us can assume a role to play in its formation and development, and therefore its eventual success or

By Chris Martenson on Saturday January 14th, 2017
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Bill Fleckenstein: Hold Tight To Your Gold

  The bond market is an accident waiting to happen.   When the bond market finally does crack, it is going to be one epic nightmare that is going to

By Adam Taggart on Sunday April 21st, 2013
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Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

The truth is: The three adult generations in the U.S. are suffering, and their burdens are likely to increase with time. Each is experiencing a squeeze that is making it

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday March 12th, 2013
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What Data Can We Trust?

Modern investing offers the promise that investors who "do their homework" and use data more intelligently than the herd can gain a valuable edge. But what if the underlying data

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday April 25th, 2012
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