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New Research Suggests The Coronavirus May Be Far Worse Than We Thought

Chinese officials are now warning the Wuhan coronavirus may spread by aerosol transmission. We have known it spreads via fomites contained within mucus-based globules, spread by coughing, sneezing, etc. But

By Adam Taggart on Monday February 10th, 2020
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The Coronavirus Is A Nightmare For The Global Economy

As China has now placed hundreds of millions of its citizens under quarantine, its economy is grinding to a halt. Workers can’t leave their homes. Factories are idle. Most (if

By Adam Taggart on Saturday February 8th, 2020
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How We’re Personally Preparing Against The Coronavirus

Executive Summary Understanding the motivation of the officials trying to avoid stating a panic Steps to take BEFORE the coronavirus hits your area Steps to take AFTER it does Helpful

By Chris Martenson on Thursday February 6th, 2020
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Coronavirus: What We Can Say Publicly & What We Can’t

In fast-moving situations like the coronavirus outbreak, the unknowns outweigh the knowns.  Quite often the most useful and most actionable material is in the ‘unknowns.’ This is where our super-power

By Chris Martenson on Thursday February 6th, 2020
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Coronavirus: The Media Says “Shoot The Messenger!”

Last night, Wikipedia deleted its page on Chris Martenson. Why? They declared him “non-notable” — totally ignoring his scientific publications (Nature), appearances in the mainstream media (e.g, BBC, Fox News,

By Adam Taggart on Thursday February 6th, 2020
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