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VIDEO: The Fed’s Evil Juggernaut

The US Federal Reserve is once again force-feeding liquidity into the system. At its fastest rate ever. The result? Record high stock prices whose valuations defy all logic. What’s wrong

By Adam Taggart on Saturday January 18th, 2020
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WTF: What The Fed?!?

Recently, Mike Maloney, Grant Williams, Charles Hugh Smith, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart all convened to tackle the implications of the price distortions that central bank intervention has had on

By Adam Taggart on Monday January 6th, 2020
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Charles Hugh Smith: Will You Be Richer or Poorer?

Prolific and exceptionally perceptive author Charles Hugh Smith returns to discuss the insights in his just-launched book Will You Be Richer Or Poorer? Profit, Power & AI in a Traumatized

By Adam Taggart on Monday October 14th, 2019

(BONUS) Off The Cuff: A Crisis Of National Identity

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss: Epstein as a case study Having departed so far from our values, what is our national identity

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday October 8th, 2019

Off The Cuff: Big Trouble In China Trade Talks

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss: What’s driving the latest breakdown in trade talks The 2 Chinas: and why it can no longer

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 10th, 2019
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