Transcript for Mapping The Fugly Future with David Collum

Below is the transcript to Mapping The Fugly Future with David Collum: Chris Martenson: Hello and welcome to another PeakProsperity.com podcast – I am, of course, your host Chris Martenson.

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Will Your Retirement Efforts Achieve Escape Velocity?

The concept of ‘retirement’, of enjoying decades of work-free leisure in your golden years, is a relatively new construct. It’s only been around for a few generations. In fact, the

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 2nd, 2018
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Doug Noland: There Will Be No Way Out When This Market Bubble Bursts

This week Doug Noland joins the podcast to discuss what he refers to as the "granddaddy of all bubbles". He certainly shares our views that prices in nearly every financial asset class

By Adam Taggart on Monday December 11th, 2017
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If You Don’t Own Any Bitcoin, Read This

Bitcoin's price has gone 'beyond exponential' this week. Just yesterday, while I was working on this article, it shot up 22% — from $14,000 to $17,000 (hitting an intraday high

By Adam Taggart on Saturday December 9th, 2017
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When The Bubbles Burst…

Executive Summary It's Time To Name The Guilty The Gross Global Mis-Pricing Of Risk The New Fed Looks Even Worse Than The Old What You Should Do To Prepare If you have

By Chris Martenson on Saturday December 2nd, 2017
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