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Canadian Truckers Roll!

Thank you, people of Canada and the Canadian Truckers! You have given the world hope and ignited the people! You’ve given me hope. For that, I thank you. We all

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday February 1st, 2022
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Weak Leaders Have Set The Stage…

This is a continuation of Part 1 – Omicron Fears Mount For the Data Hesitant – click here to go to Part 1 first. As Professor Mattias Desmet shared with

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday December 14th, 2021
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Omicron Fears Mount*

The data continues to come in; omicron is exceedingly mild.  It’s a super-fast spreader, that’s for sure, but there’s nothing yet in the data to suggest anything other than it

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday December 14th, 2021
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Axel Merk: Making Sense Of The Impact Of Brexit

A very sleep-deprived Axel Merk joins us for this special edition podcast. Axel and his team have pulled late nights over the past few days following the Brexit vote results in real-time and the

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday June 28th, 2016
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Brexit Shocker!

The political and financial landscapes have been altered by last night upset "Leave" vote in Britain and now we have to try and make sense of the new terrain. This

By Chris Martenson on Friday June 24th, 2016
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