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Bond Market Troubles Will Take Away The Fed’s Printing Press

Those cheering today’s sky-high asset prices say they don’t worry because “the Fed has the market’s back” And they haven’t been wrong to-date. There’s no doubt that the Fed’s $trillions

By Adam Taggart on Friday April 16th, 2021
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Richard Sylla: This Is An Inherently Dangerous Moment In History

“The rates we’ve had in recent years, including right now, are the lowest in history. The book that I co-authored on the history of interest rates traces back to the

By Adam Taggart on Monday August 7th, 2017
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Danielle DiMartino Booth: An Insider Exposes The Evils Of The Fed

Danielle DiMartino Booth, former analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, has just released the book Fed Up: An Insider's Take On Why The Federal Reserve Is Bad For America. In it,

By Adam Taggart on Sunday February 12th, 2017
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Off The Cuff: Multiplying Market Oddities

In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Axel Merk discuss: Impact Of A Trump Presidency On The Markets What will the most likely trends be? Plummeting Bond Prices

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 18th, 2016
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Hell To Pay

Those familiar with my writing know I put the word “markets” in quotes because we no longer have a financial system where legitimate price discovery is a regular — or

By Chris Martenson on Friday September 23rd, 2016
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