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Sympathy For The Devil?

We're at the point where those at the apex of power are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain their unfair advantage. And as the economic pie refuses to grow due to

By Adam Taggart on Friday May 5th, 2017
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Bill Black: Why The Banksters Are Winning

Bill Black, expert on Wall Street control fraud, returns to discuss the gross abuses of power rampant in our financial, political and judicial systems. In his estimation, regulation and enforcement

By Adam Taggart on Sunday November 1st, 2015
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2014 Year in Review: Part 2

This year has been all about risk—existential risk. Some of it seemed to dissipate and some lingers.  Market valuations remain risky—regression to the mean could easily provide a 50% haircut

By David Collum on Friday December 19th, 2014
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2014 Year in Review

I have not seen a year in which so many risks—some truly existential—piled up so quickly. Each risk has its own, often unknown, probability of morphing into a destructive force.

By David Collum on Friday December 19th, 2014
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Dan Ariely: Why Humans Are Hard-Wired To Create Asset Bubbles

Renown behavioral economist Dan Ariely explain why humans are biologically wired to make irrational decisions when money is involved. It's a case of our evolutionary wiring interfering with the decisions we face in a

By Adam Taggart on Saturday February 15th, 2014
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