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Revisiting the Subversion of America, in Light of Ukraine.

That Biden wants regime change in Russia – or thinks he is supposed to want it – likely tells us very little. We can say only one thing with near

By Phil Denniston on Sunday May 1st, 2022
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New Alliance Could Wreck Our Economy Forever

Okay, we all know inflation is rampaging across the landscape. Fewer are aware that the U.S. Federal Reserve is unwilling to do anything about it. Whether they are indifferent to

By Chris Martenson on Friday March 11th, 2022

And The Winner Is…

Executive Summary The Sole Superpower The Importance of factoring in External Costs The Biggest Loser Which nations to keep your investments in If you have not yet read Which Countries

By charleshughsmith on Saturday May 14th, 2016
Economy, Energy, Geopolitics 12Public Content

What If Nations Were Less Dependent on One Another?

Autarky is more than a ten-dollar word for self-sufficiency, as it implies a number of questions that “self-sufficiency” alone might not. The ability to survive without trade or aid from

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday January 15th, 2014
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The Consequences of American Autarky

Executive Summary Will profit-chasing bring corporate capital back to the U.S.? China's dwindling T-bill leverage The decline of dependence on Mid-East oil Autarky may be the best investment for the

By charleshughsmith on Wednesday January 15th, 2014
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