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Seven signs of the end, and for whom the bell tolls

Information Scouts
By Phil Denniston
August 18, 2022

Seven signs of the end, and for whom the bell tolls

Information Scouts
By Phil Denniston on
August 18, 2022

As the ball trundles down, my family spends much time considering our “Plan Bs”. Plans B through C are at least roughly carved for location, with bolt-holes in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, Steamboat Springs, CO, and with the Brookside Partnership led by Chris, Evie and the team across from Honey Badger Farms. Meanwhile, working squarely inside the matrix (in the healthcare space) with four kids in pre-school through middle school, we’re also like frogs slowly being brought to a boil. What events, then, do we need to see to think about pulling the plug on Plan A, leaving work, school, family,

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A quote from G. Michael Hopf's novel Those Who Remain. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard ...
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