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How The Coming Oil Shock Will Impact Absolutely Everything

Executive Summary The Inevitable Supply Crunch Why The Central Planners Are Making This Worse Why The US Shale Industry Will Implode (And Soon) The Growing Geopolitical Risks To Oil Supply

By Chris Martenson on Friday July 6th, 2018
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Past Peak Oil – Why Time Is Now Short

Note:  With so much going on with Europe's debt crisis, the continuing disaster and economic contraction in Japan, and the potential for a very hard landing in the Chinese growth

By Chris Martenson on Friday May 27th, 2011
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The Dangerous Economics of Shale Oil

For years, we've been warning here at that the economics of the US 'shale revolution' were suspect. Namely, that they've only been made possible by the new era of

By davefairtex on Tuesday December 23rd, 2014
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Huge News: The Ghawar Is In Decline!

Really big news hit this morning. And today is April 2nd, so we can't dismiss this as an April-fools prank. I explain it all with context below. But the summary is

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday April 2nd, 2019
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The Oil Shock Has Arrived

The absolutely stunning drop in oil prices, which hit a new recent low, is really important to both track and understand. There are two issues here, one near term and

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday December 9th, 2014
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