Emergency Preparedness

Boost your resilience to the unexpected with our endorsed emergency preps.

Self-Powered Radios

Information is critical to being sufficiently prepared and ensuring your safety during emergency situations. Our typical methods of obtaining information such as television, internet, and telephones usually become unavailable during emergency situations due to loss of power and network overloading. An emergency radio is one of the most reliable tools to get important information, even during a time of crisis. Your health, well-being, and survival depend on being kept well informed and being able to reach family and support agencies.

At PrepareDirect, we offer only quality emergency communication products to ensure your safety during disaster situations. Radio is one of the most common sources of information during emergencies. There are several options for a hand crank radio, allowing you to be informed of critical information even without power. Other survival radio products include portable batteries that use power sources other than electricity, including battery and solar power, to ensure you stay informed even during emergency situations.

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