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Freeze Dried Foods & Meals In Foil Pouches

Freeze-dried foods are an attractive option for those looking for ultralight backpacking foods as well as for those seeking nutritious foods and meals for emergency preparedness. The process of freeze-drying allows for food that offers the nutrition of its conventional counterpart, but it is easier to transport and long-lasting.

PrepareDirect offers AlpineAire freeze-dried foods, one of the first companies to offer a wide variety of freeze-dried products. These unique foods were first sold locally in San Diego, California, and then made available nationwide in 1979. AlpineAire is committed to providing outdoor adventurers and emergency planners with exceptional quality and nutritious, convenient, and tasty shelf-stable foods. AlpineAire has consistently been judged as the superior brand of choice. This brand is preferred by expeditions, rescue teams, extreme sports enthusiasts, and those who know that nutrition is key for surviving and thriving in even the most extreme conditions.

PrepareDirect offers an unmatched variety of freeze-dried foods from this outstanding brand, including freeze-dried meat, fruits and vegetables and complete backpacking meals. AlpineAire provides flavor and nutrition, which gives you meals that are not only great for storage. They are meals you will actually enjoy eating.

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