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Exploring Botany eCourse

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In the Exploring Botany eCourse, Scott will show you:

✔ How easy it is to get to know any plant's requirements, and potential benefits, by knowing the plant's family group

✔ Can communicating with plants actually increase their health and yields? You won't believe the answer, and Scott will show you how to prove it yourself!

✔ 10+ Recipes for amazing remedies you can make from plants as you learn to identify them.

✔ An abundance of resources to help you put your new-found plant knowledge to use quickly.

Once you're comfortable organizing plants into family groups, you'll move on to thinking about how they relate to one another.

You'll discover some interesting insights when you begin watching how certain types of plants like to grow together, and how others help to create a favorable growing area for each other, too.

You'll begin seeing patterns you can easily mimic from Nature to increase the health of your own garden, yard, or even potted plants!

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