Backyard Chickens for Egg Production eCourse

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Did you know that each healthy, egg-laying hen will give you an egg a day?

Do you want to see how easy it is to raise your own chickens for exceptional egg production?

With as few as two hens in your yard, you will have over a dozen eggs a week and no longer a need to run to the grocery store to have healthy breakfasts on hand.

In the Backyard Chickens for Egg Production eCourse, join Tasha as she teaches you:

✔ The benefits of raising backyard chickens

✔ How to choose the breed that is right for your homestead

✔ The step-by-step way to raise healthy chicks

✔ How to design and build an efficient coop

✔ Common health concerns in laying-hens to watch out for and how to treat them yourself

Chickens are great table scrap and garden pest eaters.

Plus, they turn all they eat into some fantastic compost.

Keeping laying-hens truly is a win-win opportunity for your homestead!

Join us for the exciting journey of learning how to raise chickens at home.

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