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All-American Sun Oven

A Solar Oven, Dehydrator and More!

One of the essential functions of human life is the consumption of food - but of course, there are conditions which can complicate getting the food we need to survive! All too often we rely on conventional gas and electricity to prepare our food, but when a storm strikes and knocks out these connections, or you find yourself in the remote reaches of the world and exploring the edges of the earth, how do you prepare the food you need for survival?

The All American Sun Oven was developed in 1986 by Tom Burns, a retired restauratuer with a passion for outdoors activities and suistainablity. Familiar with the growing problem of deforestation and aware of the complications of outdoor cooking and the lack of cooking resources in many areas, Burns took the concept of a solar oven and combined it with modern materials and engineering. This created the world's most efficient solar power oven. The All American Sun Oven has now been in use for over almost 30 years with models being shipped to 126 countries around the globe. Compact, easy to use, and powerful, this solar oven has seen use everywhere from Third World Villages to their own homes, and now you can use this great solar cooker on your next adventure.

There are many solar ovens and dehydrators on the market today - why should you choose the All American Solar Oven over the competition? At PrepareDirect, we only stock and sell the most reliable products in emergency preparedness and self-reliance equipment. Here's why we recommend and stand behind the All American Sun Oven:

    • Made in the United States - It's rare to find anything made in the United States today, but the All American Sun Oven is built and assembled in America - the only foreign component is the thermometer. Every other component of this oven is 100% American made.
    • Ease of Use - The All American Sun Oven is one of the easiest solar cookers to use. Easy sun tracking indicators make aligning with the sun a breeze, improved wind resistance means no tipping over, and 20% larger capacity makes it easy to cook the dishes of your choosing.
    • Results - Of course, the above two factors mean nothing if the All American Sun Oven didn't produce solid results. With improved sealing gaskets, thicker glass, and air-flow wire racks, the All American Sun Oven consistently produces deliciously cooked meals, dehydrates meat and fruit, and purfies water, making it the ultimate in self-reliance appliances.

The All American Sun Oven is the perfect solar dehydrator for your outdoors adventures and your home, and provides a solar power oven which performs all the tasks and provides all the power of a conventional oven, allowing you to cook with ease where a burn ban may be in effect, and you never have to be concerned with running out of fuel! Browse our products below to get your All American Sun Oven and the products you need to make your outdoor cooking experience complete!

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