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Aftershock Emergency Meal 30 Day Package Kit

Provided by Game Plan Experts

Aftershock is here to help you when a disaster strikes. Knowing that you can feed your family a great comfort meal that is easy to prepare. Every meal cooks in 10 to 15 minutes and makes 8 one-cup servings. Aftershock Preparedness entrees allows 4 people to enjoy 2 hearty cups of food per package.

Aftershock Preparedness believes that everyone needs to prep long term meals for a disaster. To help families prepare for feeding their families, we have put together our Top 15 Soup Mixes and 15 Meal Mixes.

Each package feeds a family of 4 and makes 8 to 10 cups once water is added. Cook in 15 minutes.

Real meat, no soy, additives, msg, nuts or tree nuts. Most contain no dairy.

25 yr shelf life.

Ships in a box.

Kit Includes:

  • 15 Entrees
  • 15 Soup Mixes

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