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Plant for Pollinators

Peak Insiders
By George Galpin
February 11, 2023

Plant for Pollinators

Peak Insiders
By George Galpin on
February 11, 2023

A handful of years ago, I decided to extend the garden and add a section specifically for growing culinary herbs. For this, I built a half dozen 6×6 raised beds out of cedar, complete with irrigation. These were planted with about 20 varieties of common herbs: mints (since removed to separate containers!), thymes, parsley, chives, chamomile, cilantro/coriander, dill, horseradish, basil, oregano, sage, fennel, sorrel and others. They all grew well and flourished without much thought or care, and small amounts were used in the kitchen, but mostly they were just left to grow and not given much attention. Sometime around

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Amazing photos. I live in zone 5b, residential, corner lot. I planted a nice perimeter of perennial flowers wherever the sun allows me. It has made a tremendous difference in ...
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