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Episode 98 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 21, 2023
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If you were at all put out by Covid’s 99.95% survival rate, you’re going to absolutely hate what’s coming next.  Decades of abusive and/or boneheaded monetary policies and fiscal deficits are going to create huge amounts of misery and immiseration for vastly more people than Covid ever directly touched.

The solution is to build your resilience, and for that I like to begin with Financial security.  That rests on the idea of achieving “financial freedom.”   First, we’ll define that and then we’ll discuss what that means.

Heads up, I am also in the final stages of setting up a Registered Investment Advisory so that I can legally direct people to specific solutions and ideas.  For those of you who worked with Peak Prosperity in the past through Greylock Peak LLC, this is the same idea, but in a new form  (as Adam Taggart has the old form, and I’m starting that anew).

Until I/we receive that final approval, there’s nothing I can do, rules are rules and in my position I need to hew to them with regulatory room to spare.  I’ve been told to expect that this may take 2-3 more weeks.

As we move toward the new website, which is being rearchitected from the ground up, a huge part of that experience will be dedicated to creating focused conversations around things like financial freedom and all its many strategies and opportunities.

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