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Off The Cuff: Has Society Lost Its Backbone?

user profile picture Adam Taggart Mar 25, 2021
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In this week’s Off The Cuff I sit down with David Collum to discuss:

The looming fiscal & social crises caused by underfunded pensions
Is everything in America is now “Too Big To Fail”?
Investing for a future of secular inflation
The dangers of cancel culture & the “woke” movement

Never short on strong opinions, Cornell chemist and pontificator extraordinaire Dave Collum joins us this week to opine on a wide spectrum of topics.

Dave is very concerned about the trajectory America and much of the world is headed, careening down a slope that history shows ends in economic malaise, social discord and currency collapse. As a society, we seem to have lost our backbone; every politician is willing to sacrifice tomorrow’s prosperity for today’s quick fix, and the populace only rewards that can-kicking behavior.

When everyone is so unwilling to face consequences they are making a devil’s bargain: receiving a carefree today in exchange for a tomorrow filled with much larger problems that refuse to be postpones any longer. Are we ready for that reckoning?

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This particular society (North America, Western Europe, the G7 nations to put it broadly), has lost its backbone, yes, and it has been a long...
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