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No Fed Market Rescue Before It Breaks

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson
September 27, 2022

No Fed Market Rescue Before It Breaks

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson on
September 27, 2022

In Part 1, I covered the vital concepts of market liquidity and how systemic liquidity crises can rapidly and quickly lead to insolvencies and bankruptcies. Those are 2008-style “Lehman moments” that everybody in power still fears. And for good reason – 2008 almost broke the system. In this report, I delve into the Fed madness (which I’ve been pointing out for far too long) which saw $5 trillion added in hot new money in just two years. Now that a mere $0.15 trillion has been taken back off, we’re seeing stress signals that tell us something is about to break.

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I don't agree with the left versus right characterization. I don't think Hitler et al were either left or right. Obviously if forces push society too far to the left ...
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