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More Vaccine Shots Equals More Covid-19

The data is in! The shots are counterproductive. Plus, a purported Pfizer Director admits to mutating Sars-CoV-2 in the lab.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 26, 2023
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The data is in!  The shots are counterproductive. At least if your metric for them is that they are effective at preventing infection with the virus that causes Covid-19.

A large Cleveland clinic study shows this to be indisputably true. I cover the data.

Next, a purported Pfizer Director admits that Pfizer is creating “more potent” strains of Sars-CoV-2 in the lab ostensibly to help create vaccines that are, uh, matched to future circulating strains.

Obviously, it would be a great but evil business model to be the creator of both the future strains AND their associated vaccines.

My view? The people who are so ethically broken that they could even think of such a thing need to be criminally charged and financially ruined so comprehensively that it’s a long time before anybody even thinks about doing such things again.

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Don’t See Why Everybody Is So Upset About This…;.
Don’t see why everybody is so upset about this…
It is just a great business model. Mutate...
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