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John Arden: The Science Behind Emotional Resilience

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jan 12, 2015
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We often break the topic of "Resilience" down into 3 categories: financial, physical and emotional. The first two are much more tangible and more frequently and easily discussed. But it's the last that likely matters most.

No matter how large your bank account or how well-stocked your homestead, no one can be completely prepared for every potential eventuality. And nothing ever goes 100% according to plan. In the times when it doesn't, it's our emotional fortitude that determines how well we fare.

As we often observe: it's not the specific insult that determines our fate. It's our reaction to it.

So how does one go about cultivating a higher degree of emotional resilience? To address that important question, Chris welcomes psychologist, mental health specialist and author John Arden to the program, for a neuroscience-heavy exploration of how to do just that.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with John Arden (58m:03s)

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