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“I Have A Bad Feeling” on Informed Consent

Original Content
By Peak Team
June 30, 2022

“I Have A Bad Feeling” on Informed Consent

Original Content
By Peak Team on
June 30, 2022

Tonight, Chris and Evie dissected the latest energy, economic and health news and why the road downhill looks more perilous each day. The U.S., EU and Russia are signaling more hostile intent through backchannel diplomatic moves and front facing resource and economic attacks, and now a new military base near Russia’s border in Poland.

Is it the late 1930s again? What about the impacts of current events on our home fronts? Potential energy shortages reaching across the Atlantic to America? And then there is still the Covid and the vaccine injuries…?

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Editor’s Note: there will be no Part 2 tonight.

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