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How Government and Corporate Censorship is Leading the West to Crisis

Episode 87 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 06, 2022
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There are many parallels between the ancient Biblical story of the Tower of Babel; namely a false sense that man can and should aspire to the position of being an equal to God.

Rooted in a profound hubris (and a corresponding lack of historical awareness) the same people that would seek to implant control chips in every child are the very ones “nudging” us and censoring dissenting opinions.

This will result in a true catastrophe. The Twitter files recently released by Elon Musk and organized and presented by Matt Taibbi are a perfect representation of this practice. That the mainstream media in the U.S. and UK are perfectly okay with it speaks volumes.

Combine this with an energy crisis bearing down on Europe with startling speed, and it’s now completely obvious that “they” (the leaders of the western nations) simply don’t care about ruining their economies or the suffering that’s about to be unleashed.

Censorship is never good, but during a critical moment when we especially need non status quo voices in the room providing vital input it’s downright deadly.

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