store softwoods - useful wealth preservation

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store softwoods - useful wealth preservation

3 years ago, I was kicking myself as our backyard remodel plans changed and I was left with $4K-$5K worth of assorted redwood... didn't have the time or energy to return or sell it, so I stored it on the side of my house... got it off the ground, stacked tight and well-wrapped with tarps.

I walked by it and was suddenly pleased that I had made the miscalculation. After 3 years, it hasn't aged a bit.

In the even of a collapse, other uses will pop up, and having this on hand could help neighbors or increased barter value!

Also donned on me to load up on some other carpentry items and favorite hardware. (deck screws, nuts/bolts, etc.), and one of the first things I'd do is take down the kids play set to preserve that wood.

Would love to hear if anyone else would consider doing something similar, or if anyone has a good idea you can have on the i-pad for a bit.



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Fabric stash

I have a stash of sewing fabrics and supplies that I'm going to start calling "useful wealth preservation".

There's a bumper sticker out there: "She who dies with the most fabric is the winner!"


I have to ask, how are you protecting your redwood supplies against theft?

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