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Recap: Honey Badger Farms Live Event 2021

Chris Martenson,
October 19th 2021

This past weekend 100 people signed up to come to a Peak Prosperity gathering hosted by Chris & Evie at Honey Badger Farms in Chester MA. It was a smashing

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Gathering at Honey Badger Farms

October 15th 2021
to October 17th 2021

Hi there.  Evie and I are going to open our farm up for an experiment in “parallel structures” which means having fun, sharing skills and company, and hopefully enjoying a

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Postcards from Polyface

June 28th 2021

Many of us are just returning from an invigorating weekend of learning and camaraderie at Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA.  Thanks to everyone who was a part of it! The

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Trip to Polyface Farms

June 25th 2021
to June 26th 2021

“America’s farmer” Joel Salatin and his team at world-famous Polyface Farm are offering to host an educational weekend this summer for the Peak Prosperity tribe. Location Address: 43 Pure Meadows

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Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar

October 24th 2020
to October 25th 2021

The world was on shaky footing before coronavirus pandemic erupted and truly upended things. But now that covid-19 is here and accelerating/exacerbating the failure of many of today’s unsustainable trends

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