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EUmergency! Rhine River, Oil and Vaccine Injuries.

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson
August 9, 2022

EUmergency! Rhine River, Oil and Vaccine Injuries.

Information Scouts
By Chris Martenson on
August 9, 2022

I thought we’d get a nice, quiet August. Okay not really, but I hoped for that. We all could use a break from the madness. I know that. But, Europe is busy doing its best impression of a slow-motion train wreck and, wouldn’t you know it, nature has decided to add to that unfolding disaster by throwing a major drought at most of the continent. The river Po in Italy is in dire shape as we’ve previously covered. Now, the Rhine River is already too low to support full barge traffic and is dangerously close to being shut down entirely. If

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The CDC's failure to use multivariate analysis shows the total depravity of the vaccine program. from Toby Rogers substack. Toby Rogers Quant genius Mathew Crawford is doing a brilliant&...
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