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Enemy Action Bent on Societal Collapse

Episode 76 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 13, 2022
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The data is rolling in. Across the globe, birthrates are plummeting while excess mortality is spiking. Both of those issues alone will damage the viability of a healthy society…but combined? Now, we have a German foreign minister saying she will stand with Ukraine and make her people suffer with energy shortages, no matter what her voters think? Add to all that, the food shortages and central bank-driven inflation…and it’s beginning to look a lot like enemy action.

But by all means, let’s make the vaccines annual. Let’s keep hiding the damage from them. It makes no sense…unless it’s on purpose.

The numbers don’t lie; the most heavily vaccinated countries are sporting excess deaths that would make a mid-sized war blush with envy, and plummeting live birth counts that make me weep.

Throughout it all, the only common feature has been the lengths to which various state and federal health authorities went to cover it all up. They are being sued (!) by various individuals and organizations seeking the release of the public’s own data so we can at least get someone to finally solve just how much we can blame these vaccines for the troubles.

It has to be said though, we are in deep trouble. The fact that our power centers are shot through with people who are carefully dismantling our lives – for what specific aims we can only guess – as they seek to Build Back Better. Or, whatever it is they are doing.

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