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War Crimes and Climate Change: Unveiling Global Dilemmas

From the escalating conflict in Gaza to the heated debate on climate change, we’re peeling back the layers on global dilemmas. Grab your magnifying glass and join us as we scrutinize the world’s most pressing issues.

The User's Profile Ivor December 30, 2023
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The escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip continues to draw international attention, with the Palestinian death toll nearing 21,000. The Israeli military’s actions, including the alleged theft of bodies and potential organ harvesting, have been met with accusations of war crimes. The situation has been further complicated by the lack of space in Gaza’s graveyards, leading to mass burials. The Israeli government has yet to fully explain its actions, and the international community awaits a comprehensive investigation into these allegations.

Meanwhile, a conversation between Judge Andrew Napolitano and Lieutenant Colonel Karen Katowski has shed light on the role of governments in perpetuating evil. They discussed the lack of accountability for government officials, the moral implications of their actions, and the role of media in shielding governments from scrutiny. The conversation also touched on the recent Israeli military actions in Gaza and the complicity of the United States in providing weapons and support.

In other news, a text challenging the consensus on human-caused global warming has sparked debate among scientists. The text questions the role of CO2, water vapor, and cloud cover in the greenhouse effect and raises doubts about the accuracy of climate models. It also highlights the skepticism of over 1,800 scientists and researchers towards the theory, suggesting that the science of climate change is far from settled.

On the health front, a significant number of ambulance calls related to vaccine adverse effects have been reported in Westchester County, New York. The data, obtained through a FOIL request, has raised concerns about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines. The author of the report encourages readers to request similar data from their local EMS services and to further study the issue.

In an effort to combat the decline of aquifers, the Pajaro Valley in California has implemented a unique system of taxing groundwater. The system has been successful in conserving the vital resource, with a 20 percent increase in the price of groundwater resulting in a 20 percent decrease in extraction. However, the approach may face challenges if attempted to be replicated elsewhere due to public resistance to taxes.

The current state of America and predictions for 2024 were discussed in a report, highlighting the potential for significant disruptions, including infrastructure failures and acts of violence. The report also touched on the importance of oil, the potential consequences of declining production, and the dangers of artificial intelligence.

The migrant situation at the US-Mexico border continues to worsen, with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the border every month. The strain on resources and the changing fabric of the country are among the consequences of this influx. The situation is deemed unsustainable and is predicted to continue if the current administration is reelected.

Lastly, the geopolitical situation in West Asia is likened to a game of chess, with Yemen’s Ansarallah movement imposing a blockade on the Red Sea, disrupting global shipping and supply chains. The move challenges the US-led order and signifies a shift in power in the region. The potential for a total naval blockade of Israel and a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz could lead to a skyrocketing oil price and the collapse of the international banking system.


Israel Updates: War Drums Beat Louder, South Africa Files Genocide Proceedings, US Skips Congressional Review, Alleged Biden vs. BB Fight, Drug-Resistant Super Fungus Emerges, Ethnic Cleansing Mainstreamed

The fact that there are still many service members in the region means there are targets and possibilities of dangerous escalation.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Yemen's Blockade of the Red Sea Sends Shockwaves Through Global Shipping and Geopolitics

The cascading effects of a single move on the chessboard – Yemen’s Ansarallah stunning and carefully targeted blockade of the Red Sea – reach way beyond global shipping, supply chains, and The War of Economic Corridors.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Illegal Immigration Crisis Reaches Breaking Point as New York City Mayor Admits Overwhelm

We cannot allow buses with people needing our help to arrive without warning at any hour of day and night… For many months, we were able to keep the visualization of this crisis from hitting our streets, but we have reached a breaking point.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

Migrant Crisis Escalates as Hundreds of Thousands Cross US Border Monthly

This is actually going to eventually destroy the actual fabric of the US.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

2024 Predictions: America's Shining City on a Hill Transformed into a Roach Motel

I’ve also lost patience with the Sharia of the political left taking over the entire system.

Source | Submitted by aaronmckeon

Strawberry Case Study: What if Farmers Had to Pay for Water?

“What they are doing is cutting edge,” said Felicia Marcus, a former chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board and now a fellow at Stanford University’s Water in the West Program. While a few other regions have imposed fees on groundwater for farming, Pajaro Valley has been one of the most aggressive and effective. “They are way ahead of the curve,” she said.

Source | Submitted by shplad

Alarming Number of Vaccine-Related Ambulance Calls in Westchester County, New York

These data, to me, are simply another outrageous Covid era example of the deplorable failure of a Public Health Agency to protect the population whose literal mission it is to protect.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Scientists Question Validity of Climate Change and Greenhouse Effect

“The” Climate Science is Settled. Any Questions? – Part 2

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Government Indifference to Evil: Judge Napolitano and Lieutenant Colonel Karen Katowski Discuss the Issue

The government has so structured itself that when its officials do horrible things, they are essentially immune from the consequences, other than political consequences.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Israel Accused of Stealing Organs from Palestinian Corpses in Gaza

In 2009, the Israeli pathologist Dr. Yehuda confessed to stealing organs from the bodies of dead Palestinians throughout the 1990s. ‘We took corneas, skin, heart valves, and bones,’ confessed Dr. Yehuda. ‘Almost everything was done unofficially to a large extent, and permission was not sought from the families.’

Source | Submitted by andys61

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