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US Job Market Weakens; Australia Plans Male Behavior Task Force

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revises job data, revealing a weaker labor market; Australia proposes a controversial men’s behavior change initiative; Mark Rutte becomes NATO Secretary General; leaked audio exposes Covid vaccine safety concerns.

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The job market is facing turbulence as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revises recent job data, revealing a weaker labor market than initially reported. While headlines from sources like The Wall Street Journal suggest the U.S. economy added 206,000 jobs, deeper analysis shows significant downward revisions for April and May, with a combined reduction of 111,000 jobs. The unemployment rate has risen to 4.1%, triggering the Som rule, which historically signals a recession when the rate increases by 0.5% over 12 months. Government hiring has inflated job numbers, masking the fact that the private sector added only 136,000 jobs, below expectations. Investors are reacting to these revisions with optimism, anticipating Federal Reserve rate cuts that could lower inflation to the 2% target, despite underlying economic weaknesses.

In Australia, a controversial initiative aims to establish a Ministry or task force to change men’s behavior, led by Tim Richardson. Critics argue this move is part of a broader agenda by global elites, particularly the World Economic Forum (WEF), to test authoritarian measures. The initiative, presented as a solution to curb domestic violence, is seen by some as a means to increase government control and censorship. The Washington Post highlights the appointment of a parliamentary secretary for men’s behavior change in Victoria, following a series of killings. However, critics point out that intimate partner homicides have significantly declined over the past 30 years without such government intervention. The initiative is perceived as targeting men, particularly white, Christian, straight males, and is criticized for potentially leading to increased censorship and control over those who oppose government policies.

In international politics, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been appointed as the new Secretary General of NATO, a move some suggest signifies the WEF’s influence over the organization. Rutte’s past actions, particularly his support for vaccine mandates and passports during the COVID-19 pandemic, are seen as aligning closely with the WEF’s agenda. His unexpected resignation from Dutch politics in 2023 has raised questions about the timing, with some suggesting it was part of a larger plan by global elites. Critics argue that these elites, described as Malthusians, aim to reduce the global population through various means, including climate change policies and restrictions on farming, which disproportionately affect poorer populations. The speaker in the video draws parallels between this worldview and the character Thanos from the Avengers movies, urging viewers to stand up for freedom and democracy.

Leaked audio from the ‘After Covid’ Spotlight special reveals significant audience frustration over Covid vaccine safety concerns, which were not included in the final aired version. Audience members expressed anger when medical experts dismissed their concerns, highlighting that the mRNA Covid vaccines were only provisionally registered and that adverse effects were underreported. Questions about research distinguishing between long Covid and long-term vaccine effects were also omitted, leading to audience outbursts. A message from the audio leaker criticized Channel 7 Spotlight for editing out significant audience reactions and accused mainstream media of spreading misinformation. Alison Bevege, a studio audience member, provided further insights, revealing financial ties between Professor Booy and pharmaceutical companies, and criticized Spotlight for acknowledging vaccine injuries without addressing the underlying issues.


Unemployment Spikes Amid Dubious Job Data Revisions: Market Braces for Fed Rate Cuts

“US Economy Adds 206,000 Jobs as Hiring Stays Strong.”

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Australia Appoints Official to Change Men’s Behavior Amid Controversy

Australia’s answer to a crisis of sexist violence: an official for men’s behavior change.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Dutch PM Mark Rutte’s NATO Appointment Sparks Controversy Amid World Economic Forum Allegations

The World Economic Forum has basically just taken over NATO.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Leaked Audio Exposes Audience Fury Over Covid Vaccine Safety at Channel 7 Spotlight Special

“The audience was angry. You can hear them calling out in frustration when the panel’s medical experts (Professors Robert Booy and Sanjaya Senanayake) fob off concerns about Covid vaccine safety.”

Source | Submitted by DavidNotSolomon

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