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US Delays Vaccine Data Release; War Predicted by 2025

The Biden administration will withhold critical Covid mRNA vaccine safety data until 2026, citing an overwhelmed FDA, while German intelligence predicts potential Russia-NATO conflict by 2025 amid rising global energy use and Ukraine’s shifting war support.

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The Biden administration has decided to withhold critical safety data on Covid mRNA vaccines until at least 2026. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have filed a motion for an 18-month stay on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by America First Legal (AFL) and Just The News. The agencies argue that the FDA is overwhelmed by pandemic-related FOIA requests and that releasing the records requires extensive staff training, which could take up to two years. AFL and Just The News are seeking data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and a separate nonpublic system containing updates and corrections, including formal diagnoses and deaths. AFL lawyer Gene Hamilton criticized the delay, suggesting it aims to make people forget about the issue. This is not the first time the FDA has faced criticism over FOIA requests, with previous reports highlighting adverse events from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

In geopolitical developments, recently published German intelligence documents predict that Russia and NATO could be at war by 2025. These documents, based on information retrieved from Russia, suggest escalating tensions between the two powers. This prediction aligns with ongoing geopolitical strains involving the U.S., Russia, and China, and has led to various preparations by Western governments. The British government, for instance, is preparing for potential threats such as localized flooding, pandemics, cyberattacks, and even nuclear conflict. Denmark is also making similar preparations for hybrid warfare. In the U.S., the House of Representatives has passed a measure to automatically register men for the Selective Service, indicating a potential military draft. These actions could be seen as part of an allegedly coordinated global agenda to control populations and prepare for war.

On the energy front, global energy use in 2023 reached a record 620 exajoules (EJ), with about 81.5% coming from hydrocarbons. Despite significant investment in renewable energy, hydrocarbons continue to dominate. The Statistical Review of World Energy, published by the Energy Institute, KPMG, and Kearney, shows that global hydrocarbon use and CO2 emissions hit record highs in 2023. Hydrocarbon consumption increased by 1.5% to 504 EJ, driven by coal and oil, while natural gas demand remained flat due to declines in Europe. Electricity demand surged globally, with power generation increasing by 2.5% to 29,924 terawatt-hours (TWh). China led this growth, producing 9,456 TWh, a nearly 7% increase. The U.S. generated 4,494 TWh, a 1% decrease, while India’s power generation rose by 7% to 1,958 TWh, predominantly from coal. The data highlights that reductions in emissions in the West are overshadowed by increases in China and India, and that coal demand continues to rise, challenging predictions of decline.

In Ukraine, recent polling reveals significant support for diplomacy to end the war, challenging the perception of unified backing for President Zelensky’s maximalist war aims. Despite Zelensky’s insistence on fighting until Ukraine’s 1991 borders are restored, public opinion has shifted. By 2023, only 48% of Ukrainians supported continued fighting, with 44% favoring negotiations. Surveys, including one from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, indicate a growing openness to a negotiated settlement. Zelensky’s approval ratings have declined, and trust in pro-government media has weakened, while critical bloggers gain followers. Support for mobilization is also dropping, with many Ukrainian men unwilling to fight. Kyiv has suspended consular services for men aged 18-60 to address recruitment issues, and 11,000 men have illegally crossed into Romania to avoid the draft. Ukraine faces severe challenges, including the lowest fertility rate globally, half of its power generation destroyed, and a struggling economy. The longer the war persists, the worse Ukraine’s situation becomes.

In a historical revelation, newly revealed law enforcement records and interviews indicate that the FBI organized a neo-Nazi rally in Orlando in 2006 as part of a broader program to hold Nazi rallies across the country. This operation, known as “Primitive Affliction,” involved undercover agents and informants, including a motorcycle front group and other right-wing extremists. The FBI’s involvement aimed to raise the profiles of their informants and conduct surveillance on attendees. David Gletty, the informant who organized the Orlando rally, confirmed that the FBI instructed him to do so to infiltrate the neo-Nazi movement and gather intelligence. Other former members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) have also accused the FBI of staging similar rallies. FBI records corroborate these claims, showing that these events often led to increased membership and fundraising for neo-Nazi groups. The next article in this series will delve into the creation of a neo-Nazi motorcycle front group and further explore Mueller’s involvement in these operations.


Biden Administration Seals COVID Vaccine Safety Data Until 2026 Amid FOIA Backlog

Biden Admin Seals Covid Vaccines Safety Data Until 2026

Source | Submitted by PhilH

German Intelligence Predicts NATO-Russia War by 2025

Several apocalyptic German documents have been published recently, which predict that Russia and NATO will be at war by the year 2025.

Source | Submitted by Barbara

Global Energy Use Hits Record High in 2023, Hydrocarbons Still Dominant

Global energy use in 2023 hit a new record, 620 EJ, of which about 81.5% came from hydrocarbons.

Source | Submitted by AaronMcKeon

Western Nations Brace for Chaos: Floods, Cyberattacks, and Rising Authoritarianism

“The most common risk is localised flooding, according to the government’s risk register, leading to power and water outages. But among the 100 other potential threats people should be prepared for include another pandemic, a mass cyberattack that cuts off the internet, disruption to UK space systems that affect GPS signals — or, in an extreme case, could include conflict or even the potential for a nuclear attack in continental Europe.”

Source | Submitted by AaronMcKeon

New Poll Reveals Growing Ukrainian Support for Diplomacy Over Continued War

“New polling showing significant Ukrainian support for diplomacy to end the war—paired with a closer look at other indications that Ukrainians are rejecting risking everything for victory—challenges this understanding.”

Source | Submitted by Barbara

Unmasking the FBI’s Neo-Nazi Operations: The Untold Story of Primitive Affliction

Thanks to a trove of previously unpublicized law enforcement records and interviews with several players involved, Headline USA can reveal that the Orlando neo-Nazi rally was indeed organized by the FBI.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

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