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Toxic Cereal, Philly Curfew, and Social Justice: Part of a Balanced News Update

From the U.S. left’s struggle with white supremacy to the alarming contents of your breakfast cereal, and a curfew in Philly’s Kensington – here’s today’s news update brought to you by members of the community.

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In the realm of social justice, a recent article has underscored the U.S. left’s struggle to adequately address white supremacy. The piece highlights the contributions of Black intellectuals, including filmmaker Raoul Peck and journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, who have sought to expose the roots of white supremacy in settler colonialism. The author suggests that the U.S. left has often attempted to enforce an artificial “class unity” that overlooks historical realities. The article advocates for the formation of alliances beyond U.S. borders, the rejection of the new Cold War against Russia and China, and the linking of demands for reparations with struggles in the Caribbean and Africa. The author also praises Comrade Bob Wing for his efforts to deepen the understanding of U.S. imperialism and white supremacy.

In consumer news, a report has raised alarm over General Mills’ new Trix LOADED cereal, which was found to contain high levels of heavy metals and agrochemicals. The cereal was found to contain aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, glyphosate, and various pesticides, some of which have been linked to health issues such as liver problems, endocrine disruption, thyroid cancer, and reproductive toxicity. The advocacy group Moms Across America has called on General Mills to source safe ingredients, avoid glyphosate and other agrochemicals, and support regenerative organic farming practices. Consumers are encouraged to be mindful of the contents of their cereal and make health-conscious choices.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the city is implementing an 11 p.m. curfew for all businesses in the drug-ridden Kensington section. The move, proposed by Councilmember Quetcy Lozada, is aimed at curbing crime, mitigating litter issues, and moderating nocturnal activities in the community. Approximately 90 businesses will be affected, with establishments holding a liquor license exempt from these new rules, allowed to operate until 2 a.m. The bill was developed with feedback from local residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations, driven by concerns related to the opioid crisis. Kensington-based nonprofit IMPACT Services has expressed support for the initiative, stating that local businesses are appreciative of being included in the conversation and are supportive of this and future public safety measures.


Philadelphia Implements 11PM Curfew for Businesses in Drug-Ridden Kensington Section

Because what better way to address the drug problem than to shut down law-abiding businesses in the area? Once again, government is thinking ‘outside the box’ with your tax dollars.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

General Mills’ Trix LOADED Cereal Found to Contain High Levels of Heavy Metals and Agrochemicals

A new report is raising concerns over General Mills’ new cereal line after testing revealed that Trix LOADED cereal is literally loaded with high levels of heavy metals and agrochemicals.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

The U.S. Left’s Failure to Confront White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism

The bad news is that the U.S. left has not necessarily kept pace with the U.S. ruling class in terms of similar issues, or even with non-radical African-Americans, for that matter.

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

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