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Enigmatic Files, Middle East Conflict, and American Excess Death

From the enigmatic files of Netanyahu to the looming Middle East conflict and an alarming increase in American excess deaths, we delve into a trifecta of global intrigue.

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The enigmatic files of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu have come under scrutiny, as reported by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Netanyahu, who holds dual citizenship in the US and Israel, has multiple names associated with his US files, including John Jay Sullivan. His social security file is classified as “confidential,” a label typically reserved for federal agency employees or individuals deemed terrorists or criminals. The report also delves into Netanyahu’s political objectives, such as privatization, and his plans to emulate the economic policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. His financial supporters and political allies, both domestic and international, are also mentioned.

Simultaneously, the potential for a global conflict in the Middle East is being discussed, drawing parallels to the events that triggered World War I. The intricate network of defense pacts and alliances involving Israel, Iran, and other regional countries is a focal point. Iran’s influence over Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, and its recent inclusion in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization alongside Russia and China, are highlighted. The potential support of Russia and China for Iran, and the far-reaching implications of a Middle East conflict, are underscored.

On the home front, the number of American adults deemed unable to work has surged by over 3.5 million since January 2020, contributing to labor shortages and early retirements due to diseases typically associated with older age. The rise in excess deaths, especially among prime-of-life adults, is a worrying trend that warrants further exploration. While government agencies have yet to focus on these developments, the insurance industry is raising concerns. Experts anticipate this trend to persist for three years and attribute the deaths to long COVID, among other causes. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s online database, WONDER, reveals alarming trends in death rates among prime-of-life adults from all causes, not just COVID. Immediate preventative measures are suggested, but a comprehensive understanding of the causes is deemed necessary to effectively combat this wave of destruction.


Mysterious Surge in Disability and Excess Deaths Threatens America's Labor Force

We need an unbiased, nonpartisan investigation into this troubling trend.

Source | Submitted by mike-from-jersey

Middle East Conflict: A Potential Global Disaster in the Making

The war between the Israelis and the Palestinians is not ultimately about terrorism or biblical disagreements, it is about a structure of defense pacts and alliances that are just waiting to be tested.

Source | Submitted by nickythec

America's Mysterious Files on Netanyahu: Spook, Terrorist or Criminal?

Netanyahu’s real religion is privatization, Barneah and Shifer claim. In a recent interview, Netanyahu told them that he took upon himself many responsibilities ‘not in order to concentrate power but to liberate it.’ He intends to sell Israel’s land, firms and communications to investors from around the world. It is not surprising that international corporations like him, which may well explain why the political elite in the U.S. was so enthusiastic about him.

Source | Submitted by richcabot

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