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Texas GOP’s Secession Demand & Meta’s Costly Shadowban Verdict

Meta must pay €27,000 to Belgian lawmaker Tom Vandendriessche for shadowbanning, Texas GOP pushes for state sovereignty and secession referendum, and U.N. calls for windfall tax on fossil fuel profits.

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In a notable legal development, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been ordered to pay €27,000 in damages to Belgian lawmaker Tom Vandendriessche. The Antwerp Court of Appeal ruled that Meta unfairly limited Vandendriessche’s reach on the platform, a practice commonly referred to as “shadowbanning.” The court found that Meta did not act in good faith and failed to provide sufficient procedural guarantees. Vandendriessche, a member of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, had his account blocked in May 2021 after being accused of posting inappropriate content. Although Meta claimed the ban was lifted by the end of 2021, Vandendriessche contested this, arguing his reach remained artificially low. The court, however, did not find sufficient evidence to support this claim. Meta has reserved its right to remove violating content and limit the reach of certain messages.

Meanwhile, the Texas Republican Party has adopted new platform planks advocating for state sovereignty and a secession referendum. This move, highlighted at the 2024 Republican Party of Texas Convention, reflects growing frustration with federal overreach. The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) emphasized that this shift represents a significant push for Texas to potentially become an independent nation. The first plank asserts that the federal government is infringing on state powers and calls for Texas to ignore and nullify unwarranted federal laws. The second plank directs the Texas Legislature to schedule a secession referendum in the next general election. Historically, Texas was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845 and is economically capable of independence today, being the largest oil producer in the US and a major high-tech hub.

In environmental news, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a “windfall” tax on the profits of fossil fuel companies to help combat global warming. Speaking from the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Guterres highlighted new data showing that last month was the hottest May ever recorded, with an average surface air temperature of 15.9 C (60.6 F). The burning of fossil fuels is the main contributor to global warming, and the U.N. weather agency predicts an 80% chance that global temperatures will surpass the 1.5 Celsius target set in the Paris climate accord of 2015. Guterres’s call for action comes at a time when many national elections and conflicts have diverted international attention from climate issues.

In the agricultural sector, Idaho has shut down water resources to farmers, a move that could have significant implications for the state’s agricultural output. The decision comes amid ongoing debates about water rights and resource management in the face of changing climate conditions.

On the geopolitical front, financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong predicts a tumultuous end to 2024. Armstrong highlights President Biden’s plummeting job approval rating and suggests that the Democratic Party is in panic mode, with speculation that Hillary Clinton might be drafted at the Democratic Convention due to Biden’s poor performance. Armstrong links the economy and potential war, noting that $10 trillion of US debt is maturing this year and that China has sold $53 billion in US debt in early 2024. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s plea to China to stop selling US debt was unsuccessful, leading to discussions about raising capital gains taxes. Armstrong warns that if the US cannot sell new debt to pay off old debt, a default is imminent, which could lead to government collapse. He argues that war is being used as a strategy to manage this debt crisis, with Europe already heading towards conflict. Armstrong believes that the 2024 Election will be a choice between Trump and World War III, regardless of whether Biden or Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate.


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