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NYPD Gear Theft Raises Alarms Amid Trump Sentencing

Concerns rise in NYC as NYPD gear vanishes, Japan’s Norinchukin Bank faces massive losses, federal workers uneasy over monitoring robot, and whistleblowers reveal identities to expose corruption.

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Concerns are mounting in New York City as NYPD uniforms, cruiser decals, and radios vanish in large quantities, raising alarms about potential misuse. Data scientist and whistleblower Tony Seruga highlights the issue, noting that while decals can be easily replicated, their theft leaves no digital trace. Real-life incidents underscore the danger, such as a recent thwarted killing spree involving a suspect with an NYPD vest and Canada’s worst mass shooting, where the perpetrator wore police gear, causing chaos. The implications are significant, especially with President Trump’s upcoming sentencing, prompting questions about the authenticity of police officers and safety measures in place. Past incidents, like Jeffrey Epstein’s controversial death in custody and foreigners posing as federal officers to access the White House, further heighten security concerns. The missing NYPD gear could signal broader threats to public safety, including potential false flag terrorist attacks in densely populated areas like Manhattan, exacerbated by the city’s high crime rate, insufficient police presence, and an influx of migrants.

In financial news, Japan’s century-old Norinchukin Bank, known for its massive investments in collateralised loan obligations (CLOs) during an era of low interest rates, is now facing significant losses due to the shift to higher-for-longer borrowing costs. The agricultural bank announced it would sell $63 billion of low-yielding US and European government bonds, which have become unprofitable as short-term funding costs increased. This move could lead to losses swelling to 1.5 trillion yen this fiscal year, triple the previous estimate. The situation highlights ongoing risks in the financial system, even 15 months after the collapse of SVB Financial Group’s Silicon Valley Bank. Many investors, including Norinchukin, were caught off guard by central banks’ signals that they are not in a hurry to cut rates. Norinchukin had invested heavily in US and European sovereign bonds, expecting a debt rally from falling rates, but is now overhauling its portfolio by selling a third of its sovereign holdings and shifting to other assets like CLOs and various bonds. The interconnectedness of the global banking system, combined with high-risk investment strategies and economic weaknesses, poses significant systemic risks.

In federal workplaces, a device known as “the little robot” has been causing unease among public servants in Gatineau office buildings. The robot, part of a platform called VirBrix, collects data using about 20 sensors and a 360-degree camera to create a better work environment by monitoring air quality, light levels, noise, humidity, temperature, and even CO2, methane, and radon gas levels. Yahya Saad, co-founder of GlobalDWS, which created the robot, explained that the aim is to make employees more comfortable and productive while reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint. However, Bruce Roy, national president of the Government Services Union, called the robot’s presence “intrusive” and “insulting,” arguing that it makes employees feel constantly observed. Jean-Yves Duclos, the minister of public services and procurement, stated that the technology is being used to cut office space footprint in half over the coming years by evaluating which spaces are most and least used.

Lastly, the story of Ryan and Tanya, known as Cipher and Fox, has captured attention as they reveal their identities after working anonymously for 18 months to expose corruption through Northern Perspective. Ryan, a former federal public servant, disclosed their activities to his employer following a Treasury Board Secretariat requirement to disclose any side income. Given an ultimatum to cease all activity with Northern Perspective or leave his job, Ryan chose to continue their work and left his government position. The couple emphasizes the importance of free speech and exposing corruption, urging Canadians to join them in holding the government accountable.


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Whistleblowers Unmasked: Meet the Family Behind Northern Perspective

We have always stood for the right to speak freely, to criticize when necessary, and to hold our leaders accountable.

Source | Submitted by Shplad

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