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Navigating the Maze: Covid, Cattle, Gold, and More

From the labyrinth of long Covid to the gold rush, and from the plight of Dutch cattle farmers to the enigma of Arizona’s voting system, we’re navigating the maze of today’s most pressing issues.

The User's Profile Ivor February 5, 2024
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In the realm of health and medicine, the fight against long Covid continues to gain momentum. Revive Therapeutics is exploring the potential of Bucillamine, a drug with anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, in treating this complex condition. The drug has shown promising results in studies and could be a beacon of hope for those suffering from the lingering effects of the virus. The economic costs of long Covid could reach trillions of dollars, underscoring the urgency of finding effective treatments. Meanwhile, the importance of preventing and treating COVID-19 vaccine injury is also being emphasized, with a focus on concerns regarding the spike protein and long-term vaccine safety.

In the agricultural sector, small cattle farmers, who make up approximately 70% of Holland’s agriculture, face a potential threat due to environmental policies directed by the European Union. These policies could lead to a forced buyout of 50% of their land, essentially nationalizing a third of Holland’s territory. Large-scale protests are underway across Europe, with France and Germany among the countries facing similar mandates.

Turning to the financial world, the price of gold has reached an all-time high, its highest level in about six months. The factors that drive the price of gold are complex and not easily predictable. The state of the global and domestic economies will play a significant role in the price of gold in the coming years. Meanwhile, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor suggests that Bitcoin could be used as a tool to counter distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, by requiring a small upfront payment of Bitcoin subunits from users of social media or online accounts.

In the political sphere, concerns have been raised about a loophole in Arizona’s election procedures that could allow non-citizens to cast federal election ballots. Critics argue that this two-tiered voter registration system could enable illegal migrants to vote. The state’s current undocumented population is estimated to be around 273,000. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s immigration policies have contributed to a surge in illegal migrants crossing the Arizona border.

In the realm of science, there is ongoing debate about the origin of SARS-CoV-2. Some argue that there is strong evidence to support the theory that the virus originated in a lab, pointing to flaws in the papers claiming a zoonotic origin and new evidence that strengthens the case for a lab origin.

Finally, the recent economic data in the US has been contradictory and confusing. While some reports show a booming economy, others suggest a potential recession. The discrepancy between these numbers raises questions about the true state of the economy. The future trajectory of the economy is uncertain, and it is essential to closely monitor the data in the coming months to gain a clearer understanding of the economy’s direction.


Wide-Ranging Text Explores COVID-19 Vaccines, Political Actions, Climate Activism, Immigration, Election Irregularities, JFK Assassination, US Involvement in Ukraine, Sanctions on Russia, US-Mexico Border Situation, and Censorship of Medical Experts

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Conflicting Economic Data Leaves Experts Divided on State of the Economy

More and more, it looks like a half recession. The data itself has been positively schizophrenic in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Claims of Discrimination and Concerns over Immigration Numbers at Southern Border

The total ‘official’ amount of illegal aliens has exceeded 6 million.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

New Evidence Strengthens Case for Lab Origin of SARS-CoV-2

The evidence we have suggests not only beyond reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 emerged from a lab, but that the unique collaboration leading us to believe a lab origin beyond reasonable doubt had NIAID support, had sequences they withheld with knowledge the sequences could bring unwelcome attention to whoever uploaded them, and proceeded to mount what can legitimately be called a disinformation campaign calling lab origin theories ‘conspiracy theories’ while conspiring to not sign their own statements to mislead readers into thinking such statements came from independent, unconflicted scientists.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Proposes Bitcoin as Defense Against DDoS Attacks

The compelling application of Bitcoin, is that it’s a layer of ‘monetary energy’ that can be overlaid onto the digital layer of information of the current generation of the Internet.

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

Arizona's Election Procedures Manual Allows Non-Citizens to Vote in Federal Elections, Experts Warn

“I think it’s absolutely a possibility because if you aren’t requiring proof of citizenship, you’re simply going on people’s word that oh yeah I’m a U.S. citizen, you’re going to get aliens who register and who vote,” von Spakovsky told the Caller.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

New Text Explores COVID-19 Vaccine Injury, Long COVID-19, and Potential Treatments

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

Wide-Ranging Topics Explored: Corruption, Media Manipulation, Neuralink Chip, and More

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

The Price of Gold: Will it Soar or Plummet in 2024?

But what I do know is historically, when we have a lack of liquidity or some sort of crisis, gold does go down. But then usually, the central planners’ response to the crisis drives gold up even higher.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Small Cattle Farmers in Holland Face Threat of Forced Land Buyout and Reduced Food Production

They are coupled with reducing food production by 30% to reach climate change Net Zero targets under the directions set by the World Economic Forum and United Nations.

Source | Submitted by mattsusername

Revive Therapeutics' Bucillamine Shows Potential as Treatment for Long Covid

The US CDC estimates 7.5% of U.S. adults are haunted by long covid, with as much as 20% of the workforce having dealt with it since the pandemic, but without an accurate way to diagnose sufferers, much of that population will go untreated and show itself in vastly larger rates of depressed productivity, employee churn,. and increased healthcare costs.

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

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