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Multipolar Misgivings: BRICS, De-Dollarization, and Orange Rivers

From the geopolitical chessboard of multipolar world orders to the orange rivers of Alaska, we’re delving into the intricacies of global governance and environmental enigmas.

user profile picture Ivor Feb 16, 2024
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Egypt, a recent addition to the BRICS alliance, has announced its decision to ditch the US Dollar in trade. This move is seen as part of the unfolding BRICS de-dollarization plan and is attributed to a global economic shift and the international crises over the past four years. The transition to local currency dependence is viewed as a strategic move for emerging countries in the face of potential Western sanctions and the rising debt of the United States.

In a related topic, a critic has voiced concerns over the proposed multipolar world order (MWO), arguing that it is not a solution to the current international rules-based order (IRBO) but rather an evolution of it. The critic suggests that the MWO, like the IRBO, serves the interests of a global network of oligarchs, rather than the people. This perspective challenges the belief of MWO defenders who claim that the BRICS+ nations are seeking a fairer global governance system. The critic asserts that all major economies support the same pillars of the new world order (NWO), indicating a geopolitical reality that is often overlooked.

On the environmental front, Alaskan rivers in the Brooks Range have turned bright orange in the past 5 to 10 years, a phenomenon believed to be a consequence of thawing permafrost due to climate change. The discoloration, caused by oxidizing iron and sulfuric acid, indicates high concentrations of heavy metals in the water, potentially endangering aquatic life and downstream communities. This transformation underscores the serious consequences of abrupt and irreversible climate change.

Lastly, concerns have been raised about the agricultural chemical chlormequat chloride, used as a plant growth regulator. While approved for use on food crops in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada, it is only allowed for use on ornamental plants in the U.S. Studies have shown that chlormequat exposure can lead to reproductive toxicity and fertility issues in animals. A pilot study detected chlormequat in 80% of urine samples from individuals in the U.S. from 2017 to 2023, suggesting a likely increase in exposure. The study calls for further monitoring and research to understand the potential health effects of chlormequat exposure.


Pilot Study Finds Chlormequat Present in Food and Urine of US Adults

This pilot investigation into an emerging chemical exposure within the U.S. indicates that chlormequat chloride is present in the U.S. food supply, primarily in oat-based products, and is detectable in a majority of urine samples collected from nearly 100 individuals in the U.S., suggesting continuous exposure.

Source | Submitted by preppy

Egypt Joins BRICS Alliance, Ditches US Dollar for Local Currencies

Egypt is set to ditch the US Dollar in its trade activity.

Source | Submitted by congero1

Alaska's Rivers Turn Bright Orange, Threatening Water Supply and Wildlife

The problem is believed to be a consequence of thawing permafrost due to climate change. The discoloration is the result of oxidizing iron and sulfuric acid, indicating the rivers are being inundated with high concentrations of heavy metals.

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

"Art Berman: The Straight-Shooting Oracle of the Energy Sector"

The CEO of TotalEnergies believes that the renewable transition will lead to higher—not lower—energy prices.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

The Multipolar World Order: Debunking the "They're All in It Together" Rebuttal

The IRBO is undoubtedly on its way out, but global oligarch networks haven’t suddenly vanished. Far from it. We only need look at recent events to see who is actually profiting from them. The IRBO’s demise is necessary for the birth of the MWO, and through it, establishment of the oligarch’s NWO global governance technocracy.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

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