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Mosab’s Revelations, Ardis’s Discoveries, and More!

From the son of a Hamas co-founder’s revelations to a doctor’s quest against C19, and from the UK’s wind farm woes to China’s digital currency strides – it’s a whirlwind of world happenings you won’t want to miss.

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In a recent interview, Mosab Hassan Youssef, son of a Hamas co-founder, shed light on the militant group’s intentions and called for their removal from power. Youssef’s insider perspective revealed the group’s brutality and the urgency to halt their escalating destructive actions.

Meanwhile, in the medical world, Dr. Bryan Ardis, a renowned researcher, has been diligently working to uncover the origins of C19 and counter its effects. Despite facing resistance from major pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Ardis remains committed to his mission, with his latest interview serving to disseminate his findings to a global audience.

In other news, the situation in Acapulco is reportedly dire, with claims that the government and media are concealing the truth. Urgent calls for donations have been made to aid in the delivery of food, water, and supplies to the area.

On the energy front, the UK’s largest energy generator has warned that no new wind farms will be built off the country’s shores unless the government allows operators to earn more from the electricity they produce. This comes after the latest bidding round received no offers to build new farms.

An article discussing the potential collapse of our civilization has highlighted overshoot, the end of cheap fossil fuels, the failure of green energy, dwindling resources, topsoil erosion, water shortages, and the risk of nuclear annihilation as key concerns. The Global Footprint Network estimates that humans are using resources equivalent to 1.75 Earths, exceeding the planet’s carrying capacity.

In the realm of finance, China has become the first country to conduct cross-border trade using its central bank-issued digital currency, the digital yuan. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England are also exploring their own digital currencies. However, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are facing criticism for their environmental impact and alleged links to terrorism funding.

In Australia, a contentious increase in death rates following the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines has been reported. The article suggests that the spike protein in the vaccines is responsible for the majority of these deaths and accuses data burial experts of manipulating the data to hide the increase in mortality rates.

Finally, a popular YouTube video has sparked a debate in the UK over a perceived power grab. The video features comments from viewers expressing support for MP Andrew Bridgen, who spoke out against the power grab, and criticism for MPs who did not attend the debate. Concerns about the World Health Organization’s control over decision-making were also raised, with viewers expressing a desire to protect their freedoms and rights.


UK MPs Criticized for Absence in Power Grab Debate

The only MP with common sense, Andrew Bridgen, we support you, from Scotland.

Source | Submitted by callistomin

Controversial Claims of Increased Death Rates in Australia Linked to COVID-19 Vaccinations

With the introduction, in Australia, of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein created from genetic code in mRNA and adenovector DNA ‘vaccines,’ there has been a corresponding boomerang of death rates across the population base.

Source | Submitted by eramerine1

State-Backed Digital Currencies Gain Momentum as Cryptocurrencies Face Environmental and Terrorism Concerns

To sum up, state-issued digital currencies – which enable censorship, surveillance, and social control – are good. Potentially anonymous distributed digital currencies fund terrorism and are bad for the environment.

Source | Submitted by permiegirl

10 Reasons Our Civilization Will Soon Collapse

We already did. About 50 years ago.

Source | Submitted by dwatney

UK's Biggest Energy Generator Warns No New Wind Farms without Government Price Increase

No new wind farms will be built off Britain’s shores unless the Government lets operators earn more money from the electricity they produce, the chief of the nation’s biggest generator has said.

Source | Submitted by niteowl41

Government and Media Accused of Hiding Dire Situation in Acapulco

The truth of the situation in Acapulco is being hidden by the government and the media, and the situation is dire.

Source | Submitted by darcie

Renowned Doctor Exposes Truth and Antidote for C19 in Explosive Interview

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a renowned doctor and researcher who has been at the forefront of uncovering the origins of C19 and finding ways to counter its effects.

Source | Submitted by darcie

Son of Hamas Co-Founder Exposes Group's Brutality and Calls for Their Removal

In an eye-opening interview, Mosab Hassan Youssef, the son of one of the co-founders of Hamas, reveals the true intentions of the militant group and calls for their removal from power.

Source | Submitted by callistomin

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