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Liquid Nitrogen Disaster, Chinese Weed, the Loss of an Irish Storyteller

A massive liquid nitrogen fertilizer spill threatens an ecosystem in Iowa, Chinese organized crime is dominating the marijuana trade, Bidenflation soars, and New York raconteur and author Malachy McCourt passes away.

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The literary world mourns the loss of Malachy McCourt, a renowned New York raconteur and brother to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt. Known for his vibrant personality and contrasting demeanor to his more serious brother, McCourt passed away at the age of 92. His life was a colorful tapestry of personal struggles, career highs and lows, and a journey towards self-improvement. Despite his early struggles with alcoholism and failed relationships, McCourt turned his life around in 1985, dedicating his later years to writing and reflecting on the importance of living a happy life.

In environmental news, a significant spill of liquid nitrogen fertilizer in Red Oak, Iowa, has raised concerns about potential contamination. The spill, which resulted from a valve leak during fertilizer transfer, saw an estimated 265,000 gallons of the substance entering the East Nishnabotna River. The impact of the spill is currently under investigation, with concerns about fish kill and potential contamination reaching the Missouri border. The situation was exacerbated by low river flow due to drought conditions.

Meanwhile, the illicit marijuana trade in the United States, particularly in states like Oklahoma, is seeing a significant influence from Chinese organized crime. Known as triads, these Chinese mobsters have infiltrated the billion-dollar marijuana industry, engaging in activities such as violence, drug trafficking, and money laundering. The rise of Chinese organized crime in the marijuana trade is also fueling the expansion of their underground global banking system, used to launder money for cartels and other criminal organizations. This development poses a potential national security threat, as these mafias are allegedly connected to Chinese government officials.

Lastly, the economic landscape under President Joe Biden is experiencing a surge in prices across the board. The Consumer Price Index shows a 3.2% increase in prices over the past year, with TIPPinsights’ TIPP CPI indicating an 18% inflation since Biden took office. This rise in prices is affecting various sectors, with food prices up by 20.6%, energy prices by 29.6%, and gasoline prices by 29.9%. The current economic challenges have led to 84% of Americans expressing concern about inflation, with many resorting to drastic measures such as withdrawing from 401(K)s, taking second jobs, and increasing credit card debt.


Bidenflation Hits Americans Hard as Prices Soar, TIPPinsights Report Reveals

Food prices increased by 20.6% under Biden compared to only 2.2% as per BLS CPI, a difference of 18.5 points.

Source | Submitted by drbrgr

Chinese Gangsters Clash in Violent Showdown at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm

From California to Maine, Chinese organized crime has come to dominate much of the nation’s illicit marijuana trade, an investigation by ProPublica and The Frontier has found.

Source | Submitted by daniellebredmondgmail-com

Massive Fertilizer Spill in Iowa Contaminates River, Kills Fish

“It is a lot of fertilizer.”

Source | Submitted by mysterymet

New York raconteur and author Malachy McCourt, known for his role as an Irish bartender and his best-selling memoir, dies at 92

“Malachy McCourt, a New York raconteur who excelled at playing himself — an Irish bartender with a predilection for the drink — before writing a best-selling memoir that picked up his family’s bleak immigrant story where his brother’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book ‘Angela’s Ashes’ left off, died March 11 at a hospital in Manhattan. He was 92.”

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

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