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Israel’s Provocation, Ukraine’s Neutrality, and Pandemic Resistance

From Israel’s alleged provocation to Ukraine’s neutrality tug-of-war, and the WHO’s pandemic preparedness accord facing backlash – the world’s geopolitical chessboard is in flux. Grab your pawns, it’s time to dive in.

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In the realm of international relations, tensions continue to simmer. Reports suggest that Israel may be attempting to provoke a conflict with Iran, with some arguing that the country is manipulating the United States into joining a potential war. Critics of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu believe his approach could threaten Israel’s long-term survival. They argue that the economic costs of war and military spending could be better utilized for productive activities, such as addressing climate change.

Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine remains complex, with Russia’s demands for Ukraine’s neutrality and the lease of the Sevastopol Naval Base being key points of contention. The United States’ role in these negotiations and its rejection of the Minsk agreements have been highlighted. The US’s economic war on China has also been noted, with concerns raised about the dangerous rhetoric surrounding it.

In other news, the World Health Organization’s proposed global pandemic preparedness accord has been met with resistance. Critics argue that the treaty could lead to the loss of human rights and individual freedom, giving the WHO extensive authority to order measures such as lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations during a public health emergency. A group of lawyers, doctors, and concerned citizens have urged the Indian government to reject the treaty, citing potential abuses of power and conflicts of interest.

Turning to the agricultural sector, the issue of egg production in the USA has come under scrutiny. Reports highlight the dominance of mega corporations and the lack of transparency regarding the treatment of hens. Studies suggest that eggs from hens with access to better quality foods and forage are healthier, leading to recommendations for the purchase of organic eggs from local producers or starting one’s own flock.

In maritime news, the United States is forming a multinational naval coalition, Operation Prosperity Guardian, to protect commercial traffic from attacks by Yemen’s Houthi movement. Over 20 countries have agreed to participate, although some have not confirmed their involvement, leading to confusion for shipping companies.

In a geopolitical development, Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador over a call by a Russian politician to annex the former Soviet republic. The Russian ambassador has stated that these comments do not reflect the official Kremlin position.

Finally, Angola’s decision to leave OPEC due to disputes over production quotas has raised concerns about the group’s ability to control the oil market. This follows previous departures from OPEC by Indonesia, Qatar, Ecuador, and Gabon, and experts warn that the United Arab Emirates may also consider leaving, potentially leading to the collapse of the alliance.


Angola's Departure from OPEC Raises Doubts about Group's Control of Oil Market

“If we remain in OPEC, Angola would be forced to cut production, and this goes against our policy of avoiding decline and respecting contracts,” Azevedo said.

Source | Submitted by sandy-loam

Uzbekistan Summons Russian Envoy Over Politician's Annexation Remark

The Uzbek foreign ministry told Russian Ambassador Oleg Malginov on Thursday that Tashkent was ‘deeply concerned’ about these ‘provocative’ comments.

Source | Submitted by preppy

US Forms Multinational Naval Coalition to Safeguard Red Sea Shipping

The United States is assembling a multinational naval coalition to help safeguard commercial traffic from attacks by Yemen’s Houthi movement.

Source | Submitted by mysterymet

The Truth About Egg Production: Why Small Farms and Backyards Are Superior

The conclusions of this paper are pretty serious, and everyone of reproductive age or younger should take note.
For the sake of future generations, we all have to clean up our diets.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

WHO's Global Pandemic Treaty Threatens Human Rights and Individual Freedom, Says Former WHO Officer

The global pandemic preparedness accord (‘pandemic treaty’) currently being put in place by the World Health Organization (WHO) will pave the way for “a fascist approach to societal management.” The beneficiaries will be unscrupulous corporations and investors whom the COVID‐19 response served well. This will result in the loss of human rights and individual freedom.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Dr. E. Michael Jones Discusses "The Demise of the Last Jewish Kingdom" and Israel's Response to Hamas Raid

Jewish hysteria regarding the much-deserved criticism that Israel has attracted for her barbaric response to the October 7th raid by Hamas.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Historian Michael Hoffman on Israeli Mass Murder and Racism; Federal Agent Whistleblower Karl Golovin on JFK Assassination Censorship

both the left and the “conservative” right fail to point out that the racist disparity (“a prism in which [Israeli] lives are invaluable …while [Palestinian] deaths…are regrettable”] is due to the influence of the Talmudic theology in Zionism. This is the missing link to comprehending Israeli mass murder and racism.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Putin's Press Conference Highlights Shift in Views on Ukraine and Criticizes US Foreign Policy

The Democratic Party, for me, is unrecognizable right now. When I joined the Democrats, I joined originally in the 1960s as I was still in high school, so I was a kid. But the idea was it was at least the part of our political system that was against the Vietnam War. And there was always a strong leftist part of the Democratic Party that was anti-war, and that was what I felt was my home. Now there isn’t any anti-war part of the Democratic Party at all, not in the Congressional Democratic Party, not in the White House. You don’t find, other than a very, very few people, any voice for this right now. All the mainstream voices are more war, more funding.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Israel's Actions in Gaza Could Lead to Wider War, Says Expert

Well, I would put it a different way. They would like, I believe, nothing more than for the US to become embroiled in a war with Iran. This is, I think, part of the goal: a wider war. We shouldn’t think of it as something that Israel is trying to avoid. It may well be something that Israel is trying to provoke.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

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