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Gold Rises, Fact-checkers Fail, and British PM Accused!

From gold’s glittering prospects to fact-checking follies, Biden’s border blunders, constitutional conundrums, and a British PM’s peace deal debacle, our world is as multifaceted as it is maddening.

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In the realm of finance, a scientist and engineer has presented a framework for understanding the price of gold by analyzing the market value of the USD money supply. His analysis, based on historical data, explores the relationship between gold prices and real yields, inflation expectations, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI). His projections suggest a potential increase in gold prices, with a target of $3,000 for gold in 2023. This comes amidst concerns about the sustainability of the current financial system, with some suggesting a transition of wealth into gold and silver for protection.

In the sphere of climate change, there are various perspectives being explored. Topics such as the origin of hydrocarbons, the importance of CO2, the influence of the sun, and the impact of funding on research are being discussed. There are concerns about the credibility of the IPCC and the effectiveness of reducing CO2 emissions. The text also highlights instances of scientific research being suppressed and the promotion of alternative scientific viewpoints.

In the world of fact-checking, Snopes, a well-known website, has been accused of spreading disinformation about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite evidence suggesting a possible lab leak, Snopes fact-checkers dismissed this theory as a conspiracy. This has raised questions about the credibility of the entire fact-checking industry, especially since Snopes has been given a high credibility rating by NewsGuard.

In the political landscape, the Biden administration’s border policies have led to a significant influx of migrants, including military-aged men from around the world. This situation has raised concerns within the FBI, which has alerted local law enforcement agencies. Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones has criticized President Biden for refusing to meet with sheriffs and police chiefs to address the border crisis and rising crime rates. Jones has revealed plans to train civilians in response to these threats.

In the realm of constitutional law, the 14th Amendment is being discussed, with arguments against the idea that it is self-executing. The text asserts that states have the right to control local elections but cannot interfere in federal elections. The author also discusses presidential immunity, criticizing the concept of absolute immunity and arguing that it allows prosecutors to fabricate evidence and violate the intent of the Constitution.

In international news, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of sabotaging a Ukrainian peace deal. This was confirmed during an interview with Vladimir Putin, where it was revealed that Johnson had intervened to scupper the peace deal. Johnson’s actions have been criticized, with claims that hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if he hadn’t intervened.


Boris Johnson Exposed for Sabotaging Ukraine Peace Deal

He had fixed his signature to some of the provisions, not to all of it. He put his signature and then he himself said, we were ready to sign it, and the war would have been over long ago. 18 months ago. However, Prime Minister Johnson came, talk to us out of it and we missed that chance. Well, you missed it. You made a mistake.

Source | Submitted by aaronmckeon

Supreme Court Decision on Presidential Immunity and State Interference in Federal Elections Threatens Unity of the United States

If the Supreme Court upholds Colorado’s decision, then it is time to break up the UNION, for it is no longer viable. I fear we will see violence regardless of how the court rules.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

FBI Director Warns of Red Flags and Chinese Safe Houses in Every State

China has safe houses in every state in the United States.

Source | Submitted by bcoop

Decline in Oil Production Sparks Concerns for Wealth Building and Financial Markets

YouTube video

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Snopes Fact-Checkers Pushed Disinformation on COVID-19 Lab Origin

We don’t know how the virus arrived in Wuhan, how its sequence evolved to allow human infection, and under what conditions it infected the first people who crossed its path.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Author Challenges Traditional Beliefs on Hydrocarbons, Climate Change, and COVID-19 Response

YouTube video

Source | Submitted by mrpug

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